Credit tailored for creators & influencers

Need to level up? We can help.


You're not a businessman, you're a business, man

You love spending time on your content and community. Your life is defined by extremes. You deserve a partner who recognizes that.

Why us

Traditional banks and lenders don't get you. They want collateral, assets and income statements. We understand how you work—subs and views, merch and brand deals. We know how much you're really worth.

We're ex-engineers and product managers from Instagram, Facebook, and Stanford, trying to help creators support themselves.

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Let's chat through Twitch, Discord, Instagram—wherever you want.

Easy to work with

We know you're busy. Let's coordinate on your terms—whether that means a Discord chat, a phone call, Twitch chat, whatever is easiest for you.

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We're repaid with a percentage of your future revenue and only if you make money

Risk-free capital

We can advance that funding to you now and be repaid from your future revenue—if you don't make money, we don't ask for anything.

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Funding based on your social following and growth potential

Better terms

Let's get you the amount you deserve. Share your tag and a few stats—this is what we care about:

  • Instagram: Follower count, engagement, sponsorship deals
  • YouTube: Subscriber count, ad share revenue
  • Twitch: Subs, donations, brand deals
  • TikTok: Followers, hearts, views
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